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Cosmetic Products in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Your search for safe and effective cosmetic procedures in Dartmouth is finally over! When it comes to Botox, dermal fillers, and other esthetic services, DerMedical Esthetics Inc. uses trusted brands with proven results to help you achieve your beauty goals without compromising your safety. Contact us today or book an appointment online to get started on your beauty journey.

Rejuvenating Collection Alumier

AlumierMD is a true professionally-dispensed medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science, and delivering therapeutic outcomes for patients presenting an array of skin conditions and concerns. Contact us to day to learn how we can customize a treatment for your skin today!

Dysport neuromodulator


Prescription injection that smoothens fine lines

Used for botox treatments

  • Natural-looking

  • Fast-acting

  • Long-lasting

  • Reduces frown lines

  • Reduces forehead wrinkles

Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

Latisse Eyelash Serum

Prescription eyelash growth serum for daily application

Used for eyelash treatments

  • Thickens eyelashes

  • Elongates eyelashes

  • Offers luscious lashes

  • Maintains natural lashes

  • Full effect in 4 months

Reveanesse Filler


Dermal fillers optimized to provide natural, long-lasting results 

Used for dermal filler treatments

  • Treats signs of ageing

  • Restores balance and symmetry to the face

  • Creates a more youthful and beautiful appearance

  • Provides natural results

  • Ensures longevity of treatments



Aesthetic and therapeutic treatments of medical conditions

Used for Botox treatments

  • Reduces facial wrinkles

  • Treats excessive sweating

  • Treats chronic migraine

  • Treats overactive bladder

  • Reduces teeth grinding

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