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Botox & Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

At DerMedical Esthetics we use Botox, Dysport, and Revanesse for our injections.

Botox injections are injections of a botulinum toxin into the muscle that will prevent the muscle from moving for a limited time (usually 3-4 months). This is used cosmetically to soften wrinkles between the brows, help the appearance of crows feet, lines around the mouth, can help make your lips appear larger, and help with a gummy smile.

There are also therapeutic botox treatments we offer at DerMedical Esthetics, such as underarm hyperhidrosis treatment (excessive sweating), Bruxism and TMJ pain. 

Typically, downtime after all injections is minimal;
Avoid touching the area, avoid excessive sweating, avoiding pools and hot tubs is also recommended.

One of the most important things to avoid after a botox or filler appointment is touching the area and causing the product to move around and cause asymmetry or less effective results.

Please see our list of prices or a more specific breakdown of prices of Botox.


The fee for consultation is $40.00 plus tax. If the Botox or Filler is received within 60 days of the consultation, then the deposit is taken off the cost of the treatment. 

Botox & Filler Pricing

How Much Botox Do I Need?

Hyaluronic Acid Filler - $600.00/SYRINGE

Mini Lip Plump - $300.00

Hyperhidrosis(Underarm) - $275.00 Injectors Fee

Bruxism/TMJ - $250.00 Injectors Fee

Lip Flip (Both) - $85.00

Lip Flip (Upper) - $75.00

Microtox - $85.00

Gummy Smile - $45.00

Botox $10.00/unit

+tax on all prices

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